Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Caught Me Off Guard~~~

Really dont have much to blog these days. Except that even after my As exam ended I still have to attend 2 weeks of college. And then theres test that the lecturer gives. Which IMO a pain in the bloody ass.

I mean cmon who the fuck would want to do test right after a major exams??? I mean I can understand if the lecturer would like to continue with the teaching but to force us to come to college using test as an excuse is lame.

Oh and my high school prom is coming up and I'd be wearing the same suit that I wore during graduation and last year's prom. Yeahhhhh I'm not that excited about that fact really. I tried talking to my dad about it and he said he never even had a suit in my age. I mean cmon the suit I'm wearing is not even mine. ITS HIS!! I honestly woud like to get my own one at least -__-

I'm in need of so many things atm. I need a new speaker for my computer because my current speaker is sounding like crap now. I need a new headphone because my current one is only working on one side (happens to all my headphone for some reason). I need a new graphic card because my old one got burned (don't ask me how that happen as I honestly don't know). And lastly I need a new guitar strings, because my current one is getting rusty =.=
And you can't call me spoilt because I only get the stuff that I want every now and then. I guess that makes me..... normal? Hey Christmas and my birthday is coming soon, so is that excuse enough to get me those things?? =)

Get me those things and I shall shower you with my love.

Yes, I know that sounds wrong. And yes, it was written on purpose.

And lastly, I finally decided to put up a C.Box on my blog. So help yourself and spam away.


~If the next two words out of your mouth aren't "See Ya," then the third word will be "Oh My God, My Crotch, You've Punched Me In The Crotch!! - Dr. Cox, Scrubs~

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