Friday, November 21, 2008

Better days~~~

As is finally over. Now I can chill back for abit. Even if its just for a while =)

Paul's party tomorrow. At least there's something to look forward too.

Random conversation of the day:

Me: A few things in life never change.
Dhassareth: Yeah. Like stairs.
Me: Wtf?

Garh I'm so tempted to delete some of my major rant post.


Jay Dee said...

1. hey you, missed me? :D

2. you so need to get a cbox or sth.

3. you so need to blog with pictures of yourself and the stuff you do.

4. what's your email address? cause you won't have access to my blog. unless you dont wanna see it. lol

Ir~Fan said...

1. Yes. I have not run into you as often as I used to now =\

2. I would but I'm just lazy.

3. I do. I'm just lazy with the picture uploading part. And nothing interesting happening in my life lately lol.

Its a retarded email add I know but I've use this too long to change now lol. And yes I would like to see youre blog =)

Jay Dee said...

1. haha. that's cause I'm actually in australia atm. been studying here this whole year. will be home dec 15 tho! :D

2. don't be so lazy!

3. there's no number3

4. it's okay. i've seen worse.

5. i've just linked you! and added you to the readers list.

6. i just realised your blog's called epic of time wasted. you're an a7x too!

Jay Dee said...

oh, and i forgot. it's

Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik said...

exactly..get a chatbox,man :)
enjoy the party >.<
*Life is short and thus we must ENJOY to the MAX :)