Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mama Mia~~~

Garh just got home from a long day out with my parents. They sorta forced me to watch Mama Mia with them. Ahh well. At least they paid for my golden lounge seating.

Overall I really liked the show :] The music's great, the acting is great and the story is simple and light-hearted enough to enjoy.

Though Moulin Rouge is still on the top of my favourite musical.

Am I the only one who thinks that Pierce Brosnan stole the spotlight of the 3 possible fathers?

Oh and his singing is epic lulz.

~I don't know the answer, but neither do you~


Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik said...

yea..MAMMA MIA here I go again..Mymy how can i resist you:)
Lol.I love a sentence from the movie-Little boy that plays with fire will get the fingers burn [recalled?]
ANyway,HSM3 is great too..should check that out too

Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik said...

lol..indeed...hahaha:)'s cool to be watched.. :)