Saturday, November 8, 2008

Angels deserve to die~~~

These past few days have been nothing short of awesome =)

Well if you count out my crappy econs exam and a certain fagg, life is all great.

Crystal, J.D you guys were freaking awesome. You guys were really there for me when I need you most :]

Had an outing with Iva, which was nothing short of awesome. ~4 hours of ice skating does take its toll on yur feet (my feet was swollen for the rest of the day lol) but twas really fun.

sure it was totally by accident and I couldn't do it again but hey its a start

I've learn a few things these past few days. One of it is that when life gives you lemon, you could either:

a)Make lemonade


b)You can ignore the lemons and grab life by the lips and just YANK as hard as you can! Throw it to the ground, beat it senseless, spit on its mouth and take its fucking wallet! And yell triumphantly "NO! NO GODDAMN IT, I WILL NOT TAKE THESE LEMONS OR THIS SHIT, SO FUCK YOU!"

Basically what I'm trying to say in point b) is that, you don't have to make the best out of every bad situation you encounter. Once in a while,

Another life's lesson by Dr. Irfan. I'm awesome

~Amidst all of the crap that we're going through, last thing I need is testicular cancer~

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