Saturday, November 1, 2008

These Words~~~

I was just sitting back in my room enjoying the view from my window (If you consider the back of other people's house a view that is) and thinking bout my past and how different it was from what is happening now.

Back then going to a friends house is considered to be a "special occasion". Now me and my friends just drop by each other house as though we live there. Back then going to the mall on our own was considered to be an adventure. Now I'm accompanying a friend to get her back tattooed.

And for some reason when I think about this kind of stuff I get scared. Scared shitless. And I have no idea why. I suppose it has just hit me that we are all growing up. And why am I so scared of it? I have no idea.

Sorry for this rather gay post.

Incase yur wondering, THIS is the view from my window. Exciting isnt it?

I was too free so I decided to play aroud with my photoshop for a while lol.

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