Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Of Birthdays, New Year and Memories~~~

Seems like everyone is doing their last post of the year thing on their blog. Thought I'd ought to do the same as well.

First thing's first, to every single one of you who have wished me happy birthday, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I really do appreciate even the smallest gesture.And to those who didn't, I wish you all get run over by cancer.
Jokes. I love too many of you to wish that yall get cancer. FFS my own father didn't wish me.

I realise how I've changed this year. Which is quite close to none. Yes, despite all those bullshit I've been through, I hardly change abit. Which can be either a good or a bad thing. You decide

I've met tons of new and wonderful people. Tried my best to keep in touch (not successfully I might add) to those that have left the country.

Do I have any regret about the things I've done in my life this year? Yes. There are a few things I've done which I wish I could change. But no point crying over spilled milk right? I just hope that 2009 would be a better year.

Ok enough emo shit. The funniest shit just happen today.

Wui Liang promised me a birthday present (The only person who bothered I might add lol). And he passed it to me this morning. I was quite curious to be honest. And as I open the wrapper, I just cant help but to bloody laugh.

"Awwww you got me a laptop skin!!! And I don't even have a laptop!"
"It's ok. I'll prolly hang it in my room or something."

Jokes man. Thanks alot. Appreciate it =)

Just to end the last post of 2008. Pictures taken previous years.

Almost all of them I knew since we were kids.

One awesome class

Nobody can resist posing lol

Jun Lin doing a lala pose. Zhan Fai looking like Hitler. Alvin looks wasted. 5 Gamma at its finest.

Dumb dumb of 5 Gamma

We look happy ~ Samantha

We were =)

Happy New Year everyone.

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