Saturday, December 20, 2008

Comfortably Numb~~~

I should really start to come up with titles that actually compliments the post.

Ever tried so hard for months and months and the thing you were trying to get just slipped away from your hand the moment you thought you got a grip on it? Yes its bloody annoying.

And here a good news for me (well sorta). After months and months of complaining, my dad finally agreed to get me a new graphic card. He said I have to wait till next week though. Geee dad, I wonder what you're getting me for my birthday next week?

Yes this is a shameless post to remind whichever lost internet surfers that next week is my birthday. But of course I'm not gonna make it so obvious by stating that my birthday is on the 28th of December. You have to figure that one out yourself.

Man this is depressing.

Oh and after long months of abandoning her, I decided to pick up my guitar again. Its been a while since I played wif her. I've always wanted to be an electric guitarist, but after considering that I probably wont get an electric any time soon, I decided to just give up on guitaring. Well give up isnt the right word. More like stop playing for a really long time. Well its kinda nice to play it again. Except that my finger isnt exactly enjoying it lol. Ahh screw it.

Back to basic.

~Come to decide that the things that I tried,
Were in my life just to get high on~

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