Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Anyone who have a decent taste in music should watch these video =)

Ohh and Mika's awesome.

Niwae I've been vid hopping in YouTube. There's this dude on YouTube who left a negative comment on a video with the most horrible English I've ever seen. I don't usually comment on other peoples spelling and grammar considering that mine isn't that great. But this guy spelling and grammar is horrible to the point of digging your eye out, so I left him a comment on it. And guess what? He actually replied me by sending me a message on my YouTube channel. Heres the message he left me:

*Click on picture for clearer view

AncI jOO wOnder Y I cOmMented ONN his Enqqlish.

P.S Anyone who sees the youtube video being slightly cut out of frame is because you're using Internet Explorer. Its your fault really because Internet Explorer sucks balls to the max. Use Firefox =)

~Its as if I'm scared. Its as if I'm terrified. Are you scared?~

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