Monday, September 15, 2008

Because I Can~~~

Wohoo im blogging using my phone!! As quoted from Su Yee: Which is why we should all love opera mini. Why am i blogging from my phone? Because im bored. And I can.

Ok honestly right now im being a lampost. Ya know. The third guy. 2 is a couple 3 is a crowd. Im just here to make a crowd. I personally hate doing this. But considering the how much i like them both (and i was dead bored at home anyway might as well be bored with someone around. Plus they offered me free japanese dinner later. Cant resist that), i agreed to go with them.

My craving for an electric guitar came back to me. I dont know why. But its like all of a sudden i have the urge to play some real powerchord and maybe a few solo. Playing Aerosmith Dream On with my acoustic is not fun. Maybe Ill get a job at the end of the year. Plus the Yamaha store in parade started selling some Les Paul guitar and I gotta say, those guitar is smoking sexy XD. Blah typing on a keypad is annoying. Ill just end it here.

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