Sunday, October 12, 2008

Because I Can~~~

You don't need to have tracked the world for your true love and have saved her from her own self-loathing to try and see if maybe that girl from math class might be interested in a date. You can do that today.

You don't need to have your family murdered by a megalomaniac clown and find redemption in the innards of your own soul to learn what exactly it means to let past evil influence your life of the present. You can do that today.

You don't need to have seen your world blow up around you and live in a dump to stand up and face the new day with a smile regardless. You can do that today.

Never be too scared to lose something to not try and get it altogether. People who know what they want and work hard to get it are the best kind out there, respected by others and themselves.

You knock that sucker out

Some random quotes I found while surfing the net. Tot twas pretty nice.

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