Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Enjoy Life's Moment~~~

I was suppose to post this yesterday but fell asleep before I could finish. Yes I fell asleep in front of my computer. Again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11ONE!!ONE!!11!!
Photo taken off facebook. Sorry if you feel that I should inform you first =\
I'll take it down the instant you tell me to.

You are definitely one of my most favourite girl in this world. Enjoyed every single chat we had, even if its just for a minute. You're the only one whom I could rot and begged with :]

I could spend ages writing about you but in the end conclusion is that:
You're everything I could ask for in a little sister.
Love you loads.


On a totally separate note:

Izwan, you are the most random fagg I could have possibly met in my life. And I'm being literal.

~You may never see,
Or realise what life means for me,
But its a place for us to hold on,
To enjoy life's moment~

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