Monday, October 20, 2008


I am currently addicted to the show Reaper. Thank god to the guy who uploaded EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Reaper in youtube. Shall finish watching it before youtube close his account XD

Here's a random conversation wif J.D the other day:

J.D : Hey dude wtf is that thing hanging on her chest? Looks damn weird.
Me : Its called breast moron, women have them.

I cant get this conversation out of my head lol. But to be fair that girl we were talking about was wearing some sort of weird looking necklace. Dreamcatcher like but not quite.

Still its his fault for putting the sentence in such a way that'll make him sound retarded.


Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik said...

aww..what an interesting conversation did help to forget my sadness
*sorry if I have been too emo =.=*
I just couldn't help,crying;sobbing for the past few days.
anyway,that conversation helps lot :D

Blue Sunflower said...

If you want all the info on S2 of Reaper, or to talk to other Reaper addicts, then visit the Reaper DMV.