Friday, December 11, 2009

Because All Long Post Needs A Title``~

Really I get annoyed by people who at first, tells everyone, mother grandfather uncle butler, on how much they look forward to the holiday and the bitch about how boring the holiday is. And once holiday actually ended, they complained on why the holiday is so damn short. Yeah well fuck all of you. That's why I don't look forward to holidays. So at least I could bitch about it being boring without being the least hypocritical. But fuck me anyway I'm already a hypocrite.

Currently I'm being as productive as a fucking rock. Yes playing Dragon Age by day and move to World Of Warcraft is incredibly productive. But alas, this is holiday. With most of the jokers I want to hang out with all in some orang putih country I'm stuck at home. K lah my fault I fuck around in my A-Levels.

Rite apparently my tauren bear just got fucked by some wolf. That doesnt make sense at all. BEAR VS WOLF. PRETTY SURE BEAR ARE SUPPOSE TO WIN.

Shit game dun make sense yet I'm enjoying it.

I'm aware that this is as useless as a blog post can get but wtf can you do about it right? Nothing interesting happen.

Unless you want me to post on my daily activities and followed by a bunch of picture of myself camwhoring.

No? Srsly? I'd post nude if you guys ask nicely.

Sigh I should just get a job.

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