Monday, June 8, 2009


My dad annoyed the hell out of me.

He asked me to download the Microsoft Office 07 for him and I was more then happy to help. So I checked the file size and find out that the whole Microsoft Office 07 will take about 560Mb of space.

Now most of you would probably agree with me (especially bittorent user), if you are gonna download a program that's 560Mb large, it will obviously take at least a whole night to download it (Hell even that if Streamyx decided not to fuck itself up).

So when I told him to give me at least one or 2 days to download it, and he was like

"Cannot be. Those people in my office only takes a few minutes to install it."

I replied saying that those people probably had the installation cd with them. But he doesnt believe me and decided to do it on his own.


I am the only one in this house who actually excessively download stuff into a computer. And I am pretty sure they know it. How many times my parents ask me whether they should turn off the modem and I told them not to because I'm downloading something (be it games, movies or television series). I'm pretty sure I know, wtf I'm talking about when I told him that its gonna take me a day or two.

I honestly hate it, when people come to me, asking for advice or help, and when I gave it to them, they decided to say things like:

"Nah I think its better if I...."


"Hmmm nvm lah I think I'll just...."

or in the case of my dad

"What are you talking about. Cannot be."

Seriously, if your not gonna follow the advice or help I gave, Dun.Fucking.Bother.Asking.

Honestly, I enjoy helping other people out, but I hate it when they ignore whatever help I gave them. Whats the point of asking if your not going to listen to them?

On a side note, its been quite a while since I last post a rant about my life. Hmmm.

~Imperfect People Living In An Imperfect World~

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