Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gravity ``~

A conversation with my aunt just recently:

My Aunt

"So whats your plan after college? What course do you plan to take?"

"I'm not really sure. But most probably I'll just do some engineering course"

"Really? Honestly among all of my niece and nephew, you're the only one I expected to go into something artistic or musical" (TBH I'm actually quite flattered when she told me this)

"Yeah I actually really want to do something along that line. Its just that my parents are..... ya know"

"Oh cmon you shouldnt let your parents deny what you enjoy doing. You decide your own life"

"They decide my allowance"

".... Cant argue there"

Ohhh ohh my new favourite from David Choi =)

Is there any song that this guy CANT do?

And lastly, me and Izwan have been trying something stupid ever since we started playing GArena together. Pretending to be girls and convincing our teammate (In a convincing manner of course) that we are girls. Its actually so much gayer then we thought it'll be. But the response we get is EPIC LOL. I mean, we manage to get the entire team to follow Izwan wherever he goes when we convince them that he is actually a she that is playing DotA in her boyfriends house in the middle of the night (Yes I cannot believe people actually fall for that. Cmon, a girl in her boyfriends house? At 2 am? PLAYING DOTA INSTEAD OF SCREWING AROUND??? Epic lulz).

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