Sunday, March 22, 2009

From The Stars~~~

I suppose this place have been dead for quite a while. And I don't plan to revive it anytime soon (Trials, exams and all). I decided to post something here now because I sorta miss blogging really.

My friend once asked me why I blog at all. I cant blame him for asking, I mean its not like I write anything interesting. Its mostly just rants and things I picked up off the internet and whatever shit that I think worth mentioning that happens to me.

And honestly THAT is the reason I blog. Pretty unexciting no? I just needed a place where I could throw some random junk that I thought/saw/seen/heard. Just a place where I could write whatever junk I feel like writing and knowing that somebody just might read it.

Urgh as mentioned above trials are coming soon. And A2 exams are coming after that. Really nothing to look forward too except college itself. College been fun lately =DD. We were doing all sort of random nonsense.

Yes. This is what we do in class.

Ok lah I think this is good enuff as an update. The only reason I decided to write this post is because Crystal refuses to let me leave my blog to die.

My life's a freaking seasaw.

White Lies - From The Stars
Really liking this song and this band atm =). A mix of the killers and a few other bands.

~He catches raindrops on his window, it reminds him how he falls,
From the stars back to our cities, where we've never felt so small~

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